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Our Team

Debra Magwada

Co-Founder and CEO

Debra has the qualifications and experience from more than 15 years working in the field of natural resources management, particularly linked to the prevention of land degradation. She has worked for both government and civil society and hence she has a unique perspective on the requirements of stakeholders in land restoration. She was the inaugural EIA and Ecosystems Protection Manager at the Environmental Management Agency having worked with the Department of Natural Resources prior to that. She then transitioned to the role of Ecosystems Restoration Manager before she moved to WWF-Zimbabwe where she was the Land Management Specialist until she moved to work as the CEO of Rejuvenate! Umhlaba. She is a participant of the 2019edition of the Land Accelerator hosted by the World Resources Institute and Fledge.

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Alois Mabutho

Co-founder and COO

Alois is a forester with a keen interest in sustainability. He has worked for the past 27 years in East and Southern Africa (Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Rwanda, Tanzania and Uganda) in plantation forestry with a specific focus over the past 15 years on forest certification, systems and carbon. Every company he has worked for has been FSC(™) certified at the time that he worked for them. FSC certification is about responsible forest management and has values that accentuate the nexus between forests and people. In all the he has worked in, he has seen deforestation driven by a variety of reasons, both valid and otherwise, with one of the unwanted results being land degradation. He wants to make a difference and ensure sustainable and productive landscapes.

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Lynette Tshabangu

Co-Founder and Head of Programmes

Lynette is a Food Systems Specialist with more than 15 years working on increasing food productivity, post-harvest loss and working with communities. She has worked in civil society including Oxfam and World Vision where she worked in Humanitarian Aid Prior to joining WWF. During her tenure at WWF she worked on the nexus between conservation and food production; ensuring that food production systems are sustainable and do not have a huge negative impact on the land and natural resources.

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